The Diamond and the Lotus

The Erotic Photographs of Jason Langer

Who does not delight

In the bliss found in the

Union of diamond and lotus?

Who is not fulfilled there?

~ Saraha, Tantric philosopher

Tantra—the ancient science of realization and the art of living—maintains that sexual embrace with the right partner, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right frame of mind, can lead to the ecstasy of enlightenment. This perfect union between two human beings is not abstract, intellectual, or metaphorical; it is as concrete as can be, flesh and blood, actual in time and space: “No body, no chance of Buddhahood.”

Once a couple comes truly together—progressing from excitement through engagement, consummation, and transcendence—a pure knowledge emerges. The sensitive, subtle photographs by Jason Langer of various mudra—the interlocking sexual postures assumed by a man and a woman to bind their bodies together, positions that are assumed to seal their union--depict a loving couple, seeking perfect physical harmony and true intimacy. Like all the best erotic art, the photos convey the beauty, power, and magic of sex; they express a vision of sex that is loving, sympathetic, and inspired; they are images that celebrate the essential erotic and elevating nature of human life.

The union of diamond and lotus brings a couple to perfection;

Non-duality of self and other is the supreme law of sages;

Breaking the shackles that bind body and mind brings liberation;

In real sex two bodies can become Buddha!

John Stevens, Lust for Enlightenment, 2009